So what are the details ? 


Telling your story

Phase 1
Phase 2

  • One hour wedding workshop to design your ceremony

  • Apply for Ontario wedding license 

  • Web-based survey sent to gather details of your love story from each of you and selected family/friends

  • Crafting and drafting your story and ceremony

  • Sharing of your ceremony draft  (digital access)

  • on-going ceremony script revisions until we get it perfect for you both

  • Include rituals that are reflective of the couple's shared spirituality

  • Wedding rehearsal/Wedding license given to officiant at rehearsal

Phase 3
  •  One hour check in on day of ceremony with wedding vendors

  • Wedding party check in

  • Ceremony

  • Officiant to manage Ontario marriage licence

  • Follow-up/Review

  • Apply on-line for wedding certificate 6-8 weeks after ceremony